3. The Rolling Stones perform "I Got You Babe" with Andrew Loog Oldham and Cathy McGowan on Ready Steady Go! | September 2, 1965

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    Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome to Cabaret!
    ❤️Cabaret 1972❤️

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    He’s like:Hater’s gonna hate XD
    Love this video and Mikeeeee so much <3 

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    Eartha Kitt and Josphine Baker, 1950s

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    Outkast on Rolling Stone, Entertainment, Murder Dog, The Source, Vibe, Complex, Vibe, Spin, XXL, Rap Pages 

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    : Throw back Thursdays - in the studio w D’Angelo ( in the background)

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    Happy birthday to one of if not the baddest motha to ever do it.

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